Magic 2010 (M10):
Pithing Needle

Tenth Edition (10th):
Ancestor's Chosen Tidings Dusk Imp Fist of the Anvil Threaten
Recollect Pithing Needle      
Ninth Edition (9th):
Holy Day Tidings Yawgmoth Demon Goblin Mountaineer Threaten
Natural Affinity        
Eight Edition (Core Set):
Holy Day Invisibility Death Pit Offering Tremor Natural Affinity
Sevent Edition (7th):
Razorfoot Griffin Duress Infernal Contract Nocturnal Raid Maro
Iron Star        
Sixth Edition (Classic Edition):
Hero´s Resolve Goblin Hero Talruum Minotaur Tremor Vitalize
Fifth Edition (5th):
COP: Artifacts Serra Paladin Homarid Warrior Goblin Hero Mon´s Goblin Raiders
Force of Nature Lhurgoyf      
Fourth Edition (4th):
COP Artifacts Brainwash Erosion Blight  
Third Edition (Revised Edition):
Rocket Launcher        
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