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Pete Venters post: The official Pete Venters post in Magic the Gathering forums.

Tea and biscuits with Pete Venters: An interview in Magic the Gathering official website.

Interview to Pete in Made by me some time ago.

Interview in Another interview to Pete.


There are some people who has similar project than me. Try to help them to finish their collections if you can. If you have some similar project and want be listed here, please contact me at

IT´S A BEAR! - It is flatmatt's Bear Collection. Matt is triyng to collect a copy of every Magic card of type Bear ever printed, in all languages. Help him if you can in

DRY CEREAL CRIMPS - Dry Cereal collect crimped cards, cards with ridged marks, when a pack is being sealed and the pack sealer catches a card in the crimping device. Help him if you can in

BROM GLOBAL COLLECTION - Dilligaf is collecting all cards illustrated by Brom. Hel him if you can in

THE FOIL DRAGON PROJECT - implode tries to collect one copy of every English FOIL Dragon, and maybe go for foreign foils for this project. Help him if you can in

GLOBAL TERESE NIELSEN COLLECTION - agzz have a similar project as mine, he tries to get every card illustrated by Terese Nielsen. Help him if you can in

ERL00´S UNOPENED BOOSTERS - Erl00 have an awesome unopened Magic Boosters collection. Help him if you can in

THE STONE RAIN PROJECT - Plastered_Dragon has come back with the first global project I´ve see some years ago. He is trying to get every different Stone Rain printed in every languaje. Help him if you can in

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